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For healing practitioners, impact makers and meditators who are navigating a life transition. Learn how to gain relief from suffering and navigate life with a deeper sense of alignment, purpose and joy.

Peace is an inside job.

Oftentimes, people look to the outside for peace: quiet time in nature, a relaxing spa day, a long vacation, financial security. However, what people often experience is this superficial calm that is temporary and fleeting. When this temporary experience ends, they often look to the next external thing to bring them back to calm. People can get caught up in endless cycles of wanting and chasing this away. 


Can you relate to this? If so, you are certainly not alone.


In this workshop, we will start with the most fundamental piece that truly brings forward the qualities of peace, calm and happiness and that is discovering peace within us. Our minds tend to place stories, beliefs or fears on top of our experience, usually creating dissatisfaction, unhappiness and deep suffering.


We will learn everyday practices and tools that take us beyond thinking and into a field of deep awareness or presence.


Peace is an inside job. Oftentimes it is through our very challenges that we discover our inner strength and resilience to change. Transform your inner critic to discover a deeper wisdom and understanding of you.

Join my LIVE workshop
Investment: $27

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Ready for more balance, clarity and peace? Ready for accessible tools to skillfully navigate life’s challenges? Walk away with:


An effective approach using mindfulness meditation and meditative self-inquiry

Using these modalities, transform your relationship with your inner critic so that you can gain relief from suffering and navigate life with a deeper sense of alignment, purpose and joy. A growing number of meditators, healing practitioners and impact makers are seeing the results of creating compassionate space to explore thoughts. I’ll guide you in two live meditation approaches during the workshop.


A reliable connection to your inner knowing and wisdom, beyond afflictive and compulsive thinking

Oftentimes, our thoughts and our thinking take center stage in our life. We can feel trapped in this hamster wheel of worry, fear and doubt. This affects our quality of living and the ways we show up to our relationships, our work and to ourselves. When we deepen into ourselves beyond thought, we access an abundance of clarity, wisdom and freedom. This allows us to show up to life in a more grounded and whole way.


How to navigate the path of self-development fully, the wins and challenges alike

As you journey towards your aligned goals, challenges and difficulties will naturally arise. This is a normal part of the human experience and none of us are free from pain, challenge or difficulties. This is a potent opportunity to deepen your practice and to skillfully awaken the hidden wisdom that can be discovered through every difficulty. Similarly, when we meet our wins with a quality of non-attached presence, we can allow life to more easily flow through us. Whatever happens, you can explore it with grace, ease and equanimity using your mindfulness tool kit.

Rock in Sand


  • Live teaching and support

  • Access to the replay for 60 days

  • Complimentary 30-min Integration Call to support you after the workshop

  • Like-minded community and group energy to foster a deeper sense of belonging and connection

Meet your coach
Hello, I'm Ruth Li

I am a mindfulness coach and my mission is to help you develop the clarity and freedom to fully step into your deepest purpose through a mindfulness and meditative self-inquiry approach. Do what you’re meant to do now, not later. I do this by helping people master their thoughts, build self-trust and understand the root of their behaviors and habits. This cultivates an unshakeable center so that actions will arise from a place of true alignment. 


I am the founder of Meditate with Ruth, offering 1:1 sessions to individuals who are ready to traverse a life transition and move into their aligned path. Training that supports my coaching are:  8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Breakthrough Coaching with Sean Smith, Authentic Leadership and Facilitation Training with Authentic Relating Ottawa as well as works shared by Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Mooji and Jack Kornfield. I am a meditation teacher, guiding people to connect to their inner calm and balance.


I have completed several 10-day silent Insight Meditation retreats (also known as Vipassana) including my first one in India in 2016. I now love creating a space for my clients to foster their own deep practice in community. I am a yoga instructor, holding each class in mindful awareness and movement. In 2017, I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre. "Mindfulness in motion" is at the center of yoga and provides a powerful nervous system settling to support a deep meditation practice.

This is for you if:

  • You feel caught on a hamster wheel: moving through the motions but ultimately, are unfulfilled.

  • You experience critical or judgmental thoughts that cause you to doubt yourself.

  • You are ready for more balance, clarity and peace.

  • You are interested in finding more alignment with your purpose.

  • You have hit a wall with therapy, or are just not getting the results you want.

Here's what clients are saying:

“There is wisdom inside me. It was a magical experience that showed me the power of inner connection, resting and accepting life as it is, by leaning on the present moment, by letting go of the need of control.” - Viviane Garnier

"Ruth is a sweet, kind and gentle being! She puts a lot of care in what she has to offer and it is easily felt. Following her guidance in circle feels safe, welcoming and expansive. Her presence helps you remain present and fully soak in the present moment! I had some great amicable laughs in her workshops. Thank you Ruthie for your beautifully orchestrated facilitation and capacity to hold space in a fun and caring way. I would highly recommend any of her offerings." - Caro Wall

“Today was a day that I was able to calm my mind and be pleasantly surprised at the power of escaping the “monkey brain”. It is a gift to yourself to take a day and discover ways to calm your mind.” Cathleen Pyndus

"I feel so peaceful, calm and grounded in Ruth's presence. I have had the pleasure of being led by Ruth in meditation and notice that my inner world seems to slow down as her soothing voice and intentional words wash over me. I notice the positive impacts of having my world slow down for some time afterwards - each time taking longer to speed up again, which I thoroughly enjoy. Thank you Ruth for doing the inner work to slow yourself down so that you can provide such a beautiful example to me of how I aspire to show up in my life - here and now." - Angela Manella

“I can sense the vastness of the peace, ease and joy that is available to me because it is already in me just waiting for me to become aware of it.” - Kathy Bolton

  • 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Ruth Li
    As part of this program, you will receive 3 hours of 1:1 private coaching each month (two 1.5 hour sessions per month). This is an opportunity to receive custom support on your aligned path to building a mindfulness practice that brings your goals to life. In this container, you will tap into accountability, build a strong mindfulness practice, and integrate and deepen your practice over time. Flow with momentum towards your goals. Specialties: Purpose, embracing the unknown, effective and aligned decision-making, exploring the root of patterns and behaviors, leveraging challenges and fears, mindfulness techniques and maintaining a mindfulness practice.
  • In-Between Session Support
    This offers accountability (24 hours response during weekdays). As you journey towards your aligned goals, challenges and difficulties will naturally arise. This is a normal part of the human experience and none of us are free from pain, challenge or difficulties. This is a potent opportunity to deepen your practice and to skillfully awaken the hidden wisdom that can be discovered through every difficulty. I will be here to compassionately listen to whatever arises for you, the wins and the challenges alike, as well as to help you integrate and build your mindfulness practice. Text message, voice memo and email support are available to you. You will receive advance notice when I am offline and when I will be returning back online.
  • Root and Rise Library
    A resource of tools to tap into as needed. You will learn the foundation of mindfulness and self-inquiry, explore common roadblocks or challenges that tend to arise on this path and get support on building your practice in between sessions. Videos will be dripped out over time to meet you where you are.
  • Access to Weekly Meditation Class: Wake Up Mindfully!
    Every Wednesday: In this drop-in session, we discuss a meaningful topic, practice meditation and have space for sharing.

Ready to awaken the peace already within you?

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