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Holding Hands Up High

"I feel so peaceful, calm and grounded in Ruth's presence. I have had the pleasure of being led by Ruth in meditation and notice that my inner world seems to slow down as her soothing voice and intentional words wash over me. I notice the positive impacts of having my world slow down for some time afterwards - each time taking longer to speed up again, which I thoroughly enjoy. Thank you Ruth for doing the inner work to slow yourself down so that you can provide such a beautiful example to me of how I aspire to show up in my life - here and now." - Angela Manella

"My gift from you that I am going to contemplate is the value of silence. I just love, love, love that. I will be thinking about that every day. Thank you." - Thomas Liam

"Ruth is a sweet, kind and gentle being! She puts a lot of care in what she has to offer and it is easily felt. Following her guidance in circle feels safe, welcoming and expansive. Her presence helps you remain present and fully soak in the present moment! I had some great amicable laughs in her workshops. Thank you Ruthie for your beautifully orchestrated facilitation and capacity to hold space in a fun and caring way. I would highly recommend any of her offerings." - Caro Wall

"I loved Ruth's guided meditations and the time we were afforded to share reflections as a group. I enjoyed setting time aside each weekend to meet as a community to share breath, intention, and presence. I enjoyed the opportunity this series [Living Fully!] gave me to notice myself in a myriad of ways- the thoughts and feelings that I carry around unconsciously, the way my body feels, the things I overlook when I am not paying attention. I think that Ruth did such a superb job of facilitating our group and I am so very looking forward to the next session! Much gratitude to Ruth for following her path in this life so boldly to arrive at a place of sharing her gifts with others in such a meaningful way." - Brooke Fry

"When I'm with you, I really get what it means when I hear the phrase "life happens as me". The profoundness and power in which you embody that universal unity present moment awareness is remarkable and unforgettable and transformative. Thank you." - Pamela French

"People talk, you speak. The stillness of this, and the strength and serenity of this ability just to be still... it is inspiring and kind of intimidating, like wow!"  - Richard Hudspith

"The course [6-week Course Mindfulness & Community] is well designed, creative and engaging.  I enjoyed the course format and  found that, although each session had a different topic, the format followed-through each week with continuity. The pace of the course was ideal, continuous and smooth. The two hours went by seamlessly. I learned a number of new thoughtful things. Ie. Mindful eating, new appreciation for nature and human nature, etc. The facilitator [Ruth Li] was cognizant of others and what they were experiencing. It improved my awareness of a number of things; mindfulness, respect for fellow participants, reflection, thankfulness, listening skills, being in the present moment and acceptance. I felt fully comfortable about speaking and sharing during the course. I feel I would have benefitted by taking this course when I was younger.  Although, never too late!" - Janette Edwards

"{Ruth} exudes a calm demeanor. She is gentle, articulate and speaks slowly and leaves long pauses for mindful awareness and for reflections." - Jocelyne Hughes

"I am just in the deepest appreciation of your gift of presence. I felt really like it was impossible to not be present with you. It was just this magnetic experience. It was deeply calming and soothing." - Jessica Seguin

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