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Wellness Retreats at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre

Silent Retreat: Shine Your Light! hosted by Authentic Relating Ottawa (Here We Grow Program)

Date: Sunday, April 30th, 2023 from 10am-4pm

Cost: $135 + HST

Venue: Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre in the Learning Centre 

Address: 2386 Thomas Dolan Pkwy, Carp K0A 1L0

Tired of starting your day with a peaceful meditation only to find yourself overreacting an hour later?  Want to make a real impact in the world but feel stuck in the story of “not good enough”?  If so, join us!  Just as the sunlight in our wintery days continues to expand, so does our ability to shine forward our meaningful gifts.  The big impact you want to make in this world is SO needed at this time.  So, if you hear that quiet, steady voice calling for change, come and listen…

Noble silence is an ancient form of practice that connects us to who we really are and what we truly desire.  Develop the clarity and freedom to transition into your most aligned path by navigating challenging thoughts, building self-trust and by cultivating an unshakeable centre so that actions will come from a place of true empowerment.  Do what you’re meant to do now, not later.

This is your invitation to get out of the city for the day and to enjoy the beautiful countryside drive to Carp, ON.  Tap into the last moments of inward winter reflection before the busyness of spring!  Set a solid foundation for how you will move forward this year.

Our time together will begin with instructions and teachings.  We will explore tried-and-true practices such as yoga, meditation, meditative self-inquiry, and more.  You will receive a handwritten card with wisdom that is perfect for you.  We will end our day with reflection, optional sharing, and integration.  Bring your own lunch.

Please pre-register to secure your spot.  All are welcome! For more details read below or reach out to us at or on social media.  Detailed information about the event will be emailed to registered participants via – please add us as a safe sender in your email platforms.


This retreat is for you if

  • You lack clarity.

  • You are at a transition in your life and don’t know which direction to go.

  • You are caught in cycles of people-pleasing that are leaving you feeling unfulfilled.

  • You are tired of having meaningless, soul-sucking experiences.

  • You don’t really trust yourself and so you are afraid of taking the next step forward.

  • You feel off-centered or lost and are looking for a compass to realign you to what’s really important.

This event is wheelchair accessible.  Everything we do, whether meditation, yoga or stillness, is an invitation.  Modifications that meet your needs and desires are encouraged.  Mindfulness in motion is at the centre of yoga and provides a powerful nervous system settling to support deep meditation practice.


  • A clear sense of who you are, what you value and what your purpose is now.

  • A tangible shift in how you approach decision-making.

  • Tools that will help you overcome uncertainty and challenges faster.

  • A felt sense of your own inner resources of wisdom, peace, love and freedom.

Register by clicking here.  $135 + HST, bring your own lunch and props.  Pre-registration is required and spots are limited.  Detailed information about the event will be emailed to registered participants via – please add us as a safe sender in your email platforms.


  • Guided group meditation

  • Gentle and restorative yoga

  • In-person teaching and support

  • Like-minded community and group energy

  • Personal time to rest, relax and be in silence

  • Access to walking trails in the forest (weather permitting)

  • Take-home practice to integrate the retreat

  • Handwritten poem with wisdom that is just for you

“I was feeling the call to go inward at this time so this retreat was the perfect timing for me.  I loved the contemplation of the question during restorative yoga and the silent walk in the woods.” 

“I never noticed how much energy and attention is spent on eye contact and body language before.  The retreat day was exactly what I needed.  I also enjoyed the cozy space at EcoWellness.”

“A beautiful, peaceful day filled with gentle movement, guided practices for self-awareness and space for knowing oneself better.  Thank you, Ruth, for your gentle presence!”


Register by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the prerequisites for joining this retreat?  Do I have to be a daily meditator to come?

The main prerequisite is a willingness to participate.  This retreat is uniquely designed for people who:

  • You lack clarity

  • You are at a transition in your life and don’t know which direction to go in

  • You are caught in cycles of people-pleasing that leave you feeling unfulfilled

  • You don’t really trust yourself and so it becomes difficult to make decisions about what’s next

  • You feel off-centered or lost and are looking for a compass to realign you to what’s really important


Having a daily meditation practice has many benefits, however, it is not required to attend this retreat.  Upon registration, you will have access to my guided meditations to support you before and after our time together.  The retreat schedule is well-structured and balanced so that we move from moment to moment with greater ease and grace.  Past participants have shared how quickly the day went by for them; some saying that they could meditate for even longer!  Take a look at our suggested schedule here.


2. How can I make the time to attend a full day retreat when I am so busy? 

A meaningful and fulfilling life does not happen by accident.  It happens through conscious commitment and choice.  This retreat can be seen as an investment into your deepest purpose.   The clarity that can emerge from this retreat can save you oodles of time by shifting you out of patterns of people-pleasing behaviors, mindless scrolling/binging and activities that are actually not in alignment with who you are and what you value.  


3. What are the benefits of this retreat over meditating on my own using guided apps?

Let’s face it, our addiction to phones is at an all-time high.  (I am speaking from experience!)  Even with the greatest intentions to meditate on our own at home, we may find ourselves constantly checking social media, emails or distracting ourselves with other tasks. 


Here are some distinct benefits this retreat has over guided apps at home:

  • This retreat is tailored to you:  Before we meet, you will receive a questionnaire that will help to inform where you are at and what guidance would be helpful for you.

  • Space away from home:  Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre is located on 190 acres of mostly forested land.  The studio is dedicated just for us and the retreat.

  • In-person teaching and real-time support:  you are encouraged to ask questions and seek support throughout the retreat.

  • Complimentary 20-min Integration Call for after-retreat support:  my guidance does not end when the retreat ends!  I am available to check in with how you are doing, to help integrate insights and to answer any questions that arise over time.  If it feels aligned, we can also discuss next steps forward.

  • Like-minded community and group energy: come and be in a space with others where we can encourage one another through our presence and efforts.

  • Access to walking trails in the forest (weather permitting):  fresh, country air and immersive nature exploration.

4. How long are we in silence for?

Noble silence is here to support you in your practice. Noble silence officially starts after our opening circle (10:45am) and ends at our closing circle (3:15pm).  The opening circle allows space for questions or comments.  All sharing is optional.  Participants can maintain Noble Silence for the entire duration of the retreat (9am-3pm) by using their “Silence” signs provided.  At any time during the retreat, if you have a question, comment or would like teacher support, you are encouraged to ask.  I am here to support you for the entire day.  Past participants have enjoyed the space that silence can bring and are surprised by what they discover when they redirect their focus from their outer world to their inner world.  This is where great wisdom and powerful truths are revealed. 


5. Are the yoga classes suitable for all levels?  Is this retreat wheelchair accessible? 

This event is wheelchair accessible and suitable for all levels, bendy or not so bendy.  Everything we do, whether it is meditation, yoga or stillness, is an invitation.  You will be encouraged to make any modifications to meet your needs and desires.  “Mindfulness in motion” is at the centre of yoga and provides a powerful nervous system settling to support a deep meditation practice. 

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