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Wellness Retreats
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Silent Retreat: Shine Your Light! 

Date: Sunday, October 29nd, 2023 from 10am-4pm

Cost: $135 + HST

Venue: Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre in the Learning Centre 

Address: 2386 Thomas Dolan Pkwy, Carp K0A 1L0

How do you move forward in the face of the unknown, and continue to gain momentum towards your most aligned path? How do you discover peace and freedom where you are right now, and with the mind you have right now?


Come explore this and more at our daylong retreat!


Transform your relationship with your mind, so that you can gain relief from suffering and navigate life with a deeper sense of alignment and joy. Discover a reliable homecoming within you so that you feel grounded and stable in times of flux and flow.


Our time together will be designed to support you in settling your inner system, tuning into your own inner clarity and embracing the wisdom that can arise from retreat practice. We will begin with instructions and teachings. Then, we will explore potent practices such as yoga, mindfulness meditation and meditative self-inquiry. Noble silence will be honored during our time together, which is an ancient form of practice that connects us to who we really are and what we truly desire. It also cultivates transformative simplicity: seeing truth directly and aligning ourselves to it accordingly. We will end our day with reflection, optional sharing and integration.

Please pre-register to secure your spot. All are welcome! For more details read below or reach out to me at Detailed information about the event will be emailed to registered participants via and – please add us as a safe sender in your email platforms.


This retreat is for you if:

  • You are at a place of transition and would like support calming your inner critic, building self-trust and cultivating an unshakeable center. 

  • You are interested in a meditative approach to navigating life’s transition and moving into this new chapter. 

  • You are interested in finding more alignment with your purpose.

  • You have been experiencing confusion, inner turbulence and chaotic frustration, and are ready for more peace, balance and clarity.

  • You have hit a wall with therapy, or are just not getting the results you want. Therapy can be a deep exploration of the mind, and sometimes we want rest from that exploration or a new way of living while also getting our needs met.


This event is wheelchair accessible. Everything we do, whether meditation, yoga or stillness, is an invitation. At the center of yoga is "mindfulness in motion" and provides a powerful nervous system settling to support deep meditation practice, which is our primary focus. So, modifications that meet your needs and desires are encouraged throughout our time together.


  1. Transform your relationship with your mind, so that you can gain relief from suffering and navigate life with a deeper sense of alignment and joy.

  2. Navigate the path of self-development fully, the wins and challenges alike. Knowing that whatever happens, you can explore it with grace, ease and equanimity using your mindfulness tool kit.

  3. Root into your sense of self-trust by listening to what arises within you and by consciously choosing action based on what arises. 

  4. Gain momentum in your life, in the face of the unknown and stall out no more.

Register by clicking here.  $135 + HST, bring your own lunch and props.  Pre-registration is required and spots are limited.  Detailed information about the event will be emailed to registered participants via and – please add us as a safe sender in your email platforms.


  • Guided group meditation

  • Gentle and restorative yoga

  • In-person teaching and support

  • Complimentary 30-min Integration Call to support you after retreat

  • Like-minded community and group energy to foster a deeper sense of belonging and connection. 

  • Personal time to rest, relax and be in silence

  • Access to walking trails in the forest (weather permitting)

  • Take-home practice to integrate the retreat


Register Today

Ready to come home to yourself in a BIG way?

“I can sense the vastness of the peace, ease and joy that is available to me because it is already in me just waiting for me to become aware of it.”

- Kathy Bolton

Retreat Schedule

Our day is well-structured and balanced so that we move from moment to moment with greater ease and grace.

  • 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Ruth Li
    As part of this program, you will receive 3 hours of 1:1 private coaching each month (two 1.5 hour sessions per month). This is an opportunity to receive custom support on your aligned path to building a mindfulness practice that brings your goals to life. In this container, you will tap into accountability, build a strong mindfulness practice, and integrate and deepen your practice over time. Flow with momentum towards your goals. Specialties: Purpose, embracing the unknown, effective and aligned decision-making, exploring the root of patterns and behaviors, leveraging challenges and fears, mindfulness techniques and maintaining a mindfulness practice.
  • In-Between Session Support
    This offers accountability (24 hours response during weekdays). As you journey towards your aligned goals, challenges and difficulties will naturally arise. This is a normal part of the human experience and none of us are free from pain, challenge or difficulties. This is a potent opportunity to deepen your practice and to skillfully awaken the hidden wisdom that can be discovered through every difficulty. I will be here to compassionately listen to whatever arises for you, the wins and the challenges alike, as well as to help you integrate and build your mindfulness practice. Text message, voice memo and email support are available to you. You will receive advance notice when I am offline and when I will be returning back online.
  • Root and Rise Library
    A resource of tools to tap into as needed. You will learn the foundation of mindfulness and self-inquiry, explore common roadblocks or challenges that tend to arise on this path and get support on building your practice in between sessions. Videos will be dripped out over time to meet you where you are.
  • Access to Weekly Meditation Class: Wake Up Mindfully!
    Every Wednesday: In this drop-in session, we discuss a meaningful topic, practice meditation and have space for sharing.

Awaken your truest gifts in the present moment and make your meaningful impact now

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