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Hello, I'm Ruth. I'm delighted that you're here!

Ruth Li is a mindfulness coach for people who are ready to passionately step into their purpose, on purpose.  She lives in Ontario, Canada.  Through mindfulness and meditative self-inquiry, she helps people connect to their deeper sense of self and to tap into their inner resources of wisdom, peace, love and freedom.  She believes that looking inwards, facilitated by mindfulness meditation and self-inquiry practices, is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves and for the entire planet!  When she is not coaching or teaching, you can find her deepening her own practice, exploring the forest, authentically relating with others, building intentional communities, cuddling furry friends or growing food on her farmstead, Peaceful Pea.

More about Ruth Li

I am a mindfulness coach and my mission is to help you develop the clarity and freedom to fully step into your deepest purpose through a mindfulness and meditative self-inquiry approach.  Do what you’re meant to do now, not later.


I do this by helping people master their thoughts, build self-trust and understand the root of their behaviors and habits.  This cultivates an unshakeable centre so that actions will arise from a place of true alignment.


  • I am the founder of Meditate with Ruth, offering 1:1 sessions to individuals who are ready to traverse a life transition and move into their aligned path.  Training that supports my coaching are:  8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Breakthrough Coaching with Sean Smith, Authentic Leadership and Facilitation Training with Authentic Relating Ottawa as well as works shared by Echkart Tolle, Michael Singer, Mooji and Jack Kornfield.

  • I am a meditation teacher, guiding people to connect to their inner calm and balance.  I have completed several 10-day silent Insight Meditation retreats (also known as Vipassana) including my first one in India in 2016.  I now love creating a space for my clients to foster their own deep practice in community.

  • I am a yoga instructor, holding each class in mindful awareness and movement.  In 2017, I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre.  "Mindfulness in motion" is at the centre of yoga and provides a powerful nervous system settling to support a deep meditation practice.

My Story: From Depression to Peace

I have been deeply transformed by mindfulness and meditative self-inquiry and am called to share this with others.  In 2014, a childhood friend passed away in a tragic accident and on that same day, my grandpa got admitted to the hospital.  I quickly realized how impermanent life is and woke up to the realization that I was not living the life I wanted.  From there, I fell into a deep depression and state of confusion.  I stepped back from my life.  


In 2015, I left my job as an accountant and booked a one-way ticket to India.  A clean break, stepping into the unknown.  I didn’t know what I’d find there but I followed my gut.  I followed the curiosity.  It felt like there was nothing left for me in my old life.

And that’s where I attended my first Insight Meditation retreat (also known as Vipassana).  In those moments of silence, I discovered the missing piece that I had been searching for all along:  a way to find peace in every moment regardless of what was happening around me.  This was the starting point of my mindfulness journey. 


This glimpse of peace didn't start off smooth, though.  As I continued along this mindful path, many roadblocks arose: 

  • I was shocked at how judgmental and negative my thoughts were.

  • I was discouraged by how much “inner work” and “healing” was needed.  It felt as though I was just touching the tip of the iceberg. 

  • I felt confused by the technique.  Am I doing this right?  What, exactly, am I experiencing here?

  • I developed a face twitch.

  • I withdrew from others and became even more alone and depressed.


These challenges invited me to go deeper to discover something more stable.  And that’s where meditative self-inquiry came in. 


By practicing meditative self-inquiry alongside my insight meditation practice, I became aware that my subconscious mind was constantly trying to protect me, and I developed a compassionate appreciation for this survival instinct.  Understanding that the perceived danger was no longer real, a letting go was facilitated.  Self-inquiry illuminated places where healing could take place and where insights could spontaneously arise


Going beyond the mind:  After some time sitting with thoughts, I noticed a part of me that was present to thoughts and not reacting to them, even if they were negative or steeped in fear.  This created an impersonal quality and opened a deeper dimension of peace.  I saw that I was not my thoughts and in that realization, came freedom.


And so, I discovered a practice set that helped me root into my own grounded clarity and continue to go deeper with courage, trust, compassion and equanimity.

What it's like now
Everything has changed...

I now eagerly meet challenges with presence, kindness and an excitement to grow.  The impact I make in the world is by being the best and most authentic version of myself and inviting others to do the same.  My goal is to continually meet my growth edges and to move beyond them while holding my "WHY" steady in mind.  


I do this by continually cleaning my mirror so that life can more easefully flow through me.  Unobstructed.  Because when I commit to this path of practice, I am in my fullest authenticity and of greatest service to others.  Meeting every moment, every transition, every insight with a sense of courage, compassion and grace.  


When I am present, I often experience peace, aliveness and freedom.  When old thought patterns arise such as “I am not good enough”, “who will listen to me?” or “I feel anxious and weird”, I welcome them knowing there is something to discover in this experience.  And I recommit to being here, to the presence that reliably brings me to this deep sense of peace and alignment.

Today, I love helping people step into their life’s calling, and navigating the path of discovery guided by mindfulness.  I know this journey through and beyond the liminal into the deepest clarity, and into a recognition of my life’s purpose -- and so it’s an honor to steward others on that sacred and courageous journey.

My approach
Gentle space

A kind and non-judgmental space where all of you is welcomed.  This is fertile soil for deep transformation.

Asking powerful questions instead of giving advice

Solutions that have worked for me may not work for you and are not a one-size-fits-all.  Powerful questions unlock hidden possibilities and potential that live inside of you, while meeting you where you are today.

Arrive at your own answers through mindfulness and meditative self-inquiry practices 

Creating a space for deep listening and open curiosity.  This is how inner trust is cultivated. 

Reflective listening

Being fully present with you and offering reflections of what you shared.  This helps to clarify thoughts.  

Using thoughts as tools for discovery and transformation 

Instead of trying to change or stop your thinking, you will be invited to notice what thoughts arise within your field of awareness with an inclusive, non-interfering attitude.  Deep insights, memories and knowledge can emerge, and from there, aligned action can flow with more momentum.

Walk away with:
  • Cultivate an unshakeable centre by harnessing the qualities of equanimity 

  • Build self-trust by asking powerfully aligned questions

  • Master difficult thoughts by shifting from affliction to freedom 

  • Understand the root of your behaviors and habits by skillfully navigating your mind

  • Break the cycles of people-pleasing by realigning to what is truly important

  • Overcome fears by acclimating to uncertainty and impermanence

  • Get unstuck and into motion by tapping into your “WHY”

  • Eliminate meaningless, soul-sucking experiences by finding peace in each moment

  • Shift from money scarcity mindset to one of abundance and servitude

  • Develop greater clarity so that you know what direction to go in at this time in your life

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Let's connect if...

You are ready for change

You are ready to get out of your own way and to move beyond your own resistance.  You feel the call to live the life you truly want.  One that is meaningful, fulfilling, exciting, aligned with the universal laws of nature and honoring your highest potential. 

You have a mindfulness or meditation practice (or are open to having one)

This practice only works if you use it!  Consistency is more important than intensity when cultivating a habit.  Whether you’re brand new to mindfulness and meditation, or you’re seasoned practitioner, I meet you where you are and help you develop and deepen your practice in support of your most aligned life.

You want to make a real impact in the world

Serving others energizes you like nothing else!  You want to make a difference in the lives of those you love and serve.  And as your understanding of “oneness” or “we are all connected” deepens, so does your commitment to helping others.

You embrace discomfort knowing this is how you grow

By shining a light into the darkest of shadows, your own powerful truths can be revealed.  Challenges can be seen as roadmaps to hidden treasures and you are ready to explore!  As your mindfulness coach, I’m here to support you as you courageously navigate and integrate what arises along the way.

Life is impermanent.

We have these moments, right here and now, to embrace, clarify and experience.  This is the portal into our deepest purpose.  Are you ready to live your life on purpose now, not later?

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